For My 6 Year Old

June 24th 2010, I was woken early hours in the morning by you, you were letting me no you were ready to make your appearance into the world and start your journey here on earth..

I remember feeling calm and excited to finally meet this little human being that had spent his first 9 months in my belly, this little boy that I had nurtured and treasured with my own body from the time I found out I was chosen to be your mother..

It was 12 hours from that time I woke to the time you were born  the time I first met you and held you in my arms…

I will never forget that moment, I fell in Love straight away,I felt this overwhelming need to protect you, the world around me just stopped, everything around me disappeared. It was just you and me, nothing else and no one else mattered… I had just been gifted the most beautiful gift ever and you were all mine….

You my son were the start of a whole new journey… A journey that has been one hell of a ride so far and I am in no way ready to jump of it…

You were here to guide me in this life and placed in my arms so I could guide you… Watching you grow through the years has been so rewarding for me, I feel so very special and blessed that I was the one chosen to guide you through this life…

Watching you learn new things, enjoy new experiences, make mistakes, learn from them, watching you fall in love, feeling your pains and frustrations, watching you grow and work out this life and how it works …I get the joy of sharing it all with you… Gee im lucky…

You are a big brother, a role model and protecter of your younger siblings and of those that you Love and surround you..

You are 6 now… You have almost finished your first year of prep… I am so proud of your achievements so far… you are winning at the game of life my boy…

I am so so so proud of you…..

I wish I could turn back time and relive every moment of these past 6 years again with you…Id just love to go back to that moment I first ever layed my eyes on you, our first ever meeting….

I hope I will never ever forget any of those memories. this is one of the main reasons I decided to start blogging. To document these moments and to reminisce about the past and my experiences..

I love you son… Keep being awesome and shining your light!!!!

Love Mum..


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