Happy Mum, Happy Children


So I have been struggling a lot lately….. MumLife has been a challenge…..

We all know the saying “happy wife happy life” right?

Well this is similar… well its proberly not 100% because lets face it kids can be pretty bloody hard to please, theres always something that isn’t right or they cant make up there mind about something….

My point is…. I have been struggling to find my “Happy place” so lately the kids cop it more than they should have to.. which makes me feel guilty…

I think I’ve hit a wall, and im regreting not trying harder, ive been finding excuses not to…….

Before I fell pregnant I was eating well, exercising regulary and those things made me happy, they made me feel good about myself, I had good energy and confidence .. But then I fell pregnant….

“meh ill deal with it after ive had the baby”

Yep that has been my attitude, im sure im not the only one… I take my hat of to mums who manage to keep at a healthy routine whilst pregnant and also raising other kids, its hard enough trying finding the time and the energy to do so whilst growing a human and raising little humans…

All things healthy and good went out the door for me, I think i tried maybe 3x to go to the gym, I failed!! My appetite was fucked at the beginning to so that didnt help the eating healthy habbits…… I do not care what passes my lips nor do I even try to exercise at all now, unless its chasing the kids or cleaning my house, which actually you could count as daily exercise….. Lol

Not that I am using this pregnancy as an excuse, actually yes I am… I have physically struggled this time around compared to my last two pregnancys… Yes im older, yes i also have 3 others to run around after…. But unfortunately my kids have had to deal with grumpy mummy more than ever, i have been no fun!!!!!

But at the end of each day, no matter if I have screamed at the boys all day or what toy ive decided to smash or remove because im sick of the arguing, at the end of the day my boys still come to me and ask me to come cuddle on the couch with them before bed, every night at bed time when Ive tucked them in, had a kiss, cuddle, high five and knuckles , without fail they tell me how much they love me and they will see me in the morning….. my heart always skips a beat…. there beautiful….

These are the momemts that make me realise I am sooo very very lucky and blessed, I have everything i possibly ever need to make me happy, I have my boys and my boys have me all the other things really are not important right now…

I do know that once I have this baby I will find my routine again, that I will exercise, eat healthy yada yada… Right now I will enjoy this pregnancy and all the ice creams…..

I love my boys and I know they love me, thats what makes happy, thats what most important…

Chloe Ann

4 thoughts on “Happy Mum, Happy Children

  1. Life with multiples can be exhausting but remember those boys love their mommy and that toy you took away won’t matter at the end of the day when they want some mommy lovin!


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