The Power of Motherhood

I seen you today chasing your kids through the shopping centre, I seen you buying your kids a donut to try and persuade each of them to behave, I seen you nicely ask them to “Please quietly sit in the trolly and you Mr please walk beside me and not run away”, whilst you try pop into the supermarket just to grab something for dinner, bread, milk and fruit to keep the kids happy at home, even though you desperately need to do a big grocery shop but would rather starve than put yourself through the torture of shopping with the kids, I heard you say “NO” , “Dont touch” , “Dont annoy your brother”, “Please can you just sit still we are almost done” , “No you cant have chocolate”,  I seen you place that chocolate bar back on the shelf that your child sneakily opened and took a bite of while you were distracted by your other child who decided they would run away and try and hide , I seen you trying to hunt down the shop assistant because your child was just trying to help you do the shopping yet managed to drop the bottle of pasta sauce causing it to smash everywhere…

I see you trying to keep it together and not loose your shit…

You seen me there to……

We casually walked past each other and gave each other an Imaginary high five, then all we had to do was look each other in the eye and know exactly what each others thoughts were…

I felt your frustrations, I could feel your pain, I could hear you calling for help, I too am craving that glass of Sav, hey ill drink a bottle, lets make it 6 bottles with you (But I still have to wait for 9 weeks… Dammit) , I to am thinking, “Is it bed time yet, Im tired” – I get you, I feel you…

The Power of motherhood……..

We understand each others frustrations, We understand each others pain, We understand each others needs and wants – We just get each other…

We got this shit under control……… We Rock!!!



3 thoughts on “The Power of Motherhood

  1. Motherhood is challenging! I had my 4th baby last year and I have never experienced motherhood like this. Always busy and never a dull moment. But I love being a mom and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Love this post!

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