GOOP!!! The kids LOVE it!!

So my awesome friend / neighbour came over yesterday with a fun activity for the kids..

Your wondering what GOOP is??

Its the weirdest, coolest and also messiest fun kids could have all at once and they just love it.. One minute its this solid form, next minute its this eewy gooey liquid.. Even I got lost in the moment of playing with this weird substance..

Have you tried it???


Its so simple to make and as long as you keep it outside you wont have to worry about the clean up as the hose can just wash it away or just leave it to dry and enjoy the GOOP masterpiece the kids created..


When you are ready to play with your GOOP, ensure you have a bowl of water to rinse little hands.. We also gave the kids a blank piece of paper each to create there own master piece, Unfortunately the GOOP drys and crumbles, so I suggest finding either a big spot on the concrete or let the kids create something on your pavers, what ever works for you..



Watch the kids be mesmerized by this weird substance.. I bet they will love it and I bet you will enjoy playing with it to…


I found a recipe online that is easy and simple to follow HERE..


Have fun!!!


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