Ideas for “ME TIME” for us busy Mums. (GIVE AWAY ) $50 Myer Gift card..

It may seem impossible to find “ME TIME” with all the daily activities we have to juggle – I feel you, I really do… Wether you work full time,part time or you are a SAHM its so important to find time to just relax and have a break and bloody hell we deserve it….. Yes yes we do….

I always try and find that opportunity for “ME TIME” whenever, wherever I can, even if its just a few hours 1 day a week or 1/2 an hour….. its something right…

I have put together a list of Ideas that I love…… Check them out

  • A nice big bubble bath with your fav book and candles (My Fav)
  • Message a friend and get together for dinner and wine of course.. 
  • Go get a massage..
  • Get your hair done we all know how good we feel after this.. 
  • Take a walk.. 
  • Treat yourself to a new piece of clothing..
  • Take a nap, I like this one.. 
  • Get crafty.. (This is a good one)
  • Get your nails done..
  • Go for a drive and play your favourite tunes and sing your lungs out..
  • Dance your heart out to your favourite song..
  • Bake something naughty..
  • YOGA!..
  • Do Nothing!!! Yep I like doing this to…
  • Watch your fav TV show back to back..


To get Juggling 4 to launch I have decided to do a GIVE AWAY and whats better to give away but some amazing Candles from Waxed Out + a $50 Myer Gift card…. you can enjoy  Waxed out candle on a daily basis or even with a candle lit bubble bath and spoil yourself with a Myers Gift card  Because Mums we deserve “ME TIME”



Waxed out  Candles and melts are 100% natural soy wax with a combination of fragrant and essential oils.. All candles are hand poured with and Handmade with LOVE….

Being a small home run business in Victoria Waxed out has a great following and is slowly growing… I am a lover of these amazing candles, they are just divine and smell amazing. They have a great range and variety to choose from, this is why I would love to give two lucky Juggling 4 lovers a free testing of these amazing candles… You will fall in LOVE and want more…

You may as well go check out Waxed Out and give them a LIKE..


So this is what you need to do

1. Like Juggling 4 on Facebook
2. Like + Comment on this post (Facebook to)
3. Let as many of your friends know through your Facebook profile
4. All comments count as extra entries to the comp..

Simple as that…. Good Luck…

Give away closes 15th October 2016 

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