When a slime making experiment goes wrong..

Being its Sunday Funday and Melbourne has not turned on the weather today it was a day to get creative and a little messy with the boys…

So I took to my favourite app Pinterest. Only one of the best apps ever invented I must say..

I figured lets make something fun and the boys love to get messy.. So I went with SLIME…

Here is the recipe I followed…… I will just point out I tried halving the mixture so I could make several different colours of slime instead of one big one…



OMG…. It was a disaster!!!!!

After adding extras and trying to fix it, I gave up…..

The slime experiment was unsuccessful..

So instead of letting our SLIME experiment go to waste I let the boys do as they please with it… (Not for the faint hearted)

Outside we went, with a tub of GOOOOOEY OOOOEY…








Here are a few ideas of what to do with slime that doesn’t go to plan..


  • Paint the Trees with it;




  • Paint a plain piece of paper with it;




  • Let them paint their shirts, hair and face with it( Well I didn’t allow this it just started happening) They thought it was fun running around slapping their chests..

You can check out a video here 




  • Finally then shower with it (Enjoy the clean up afterwards and maybe use old clothes, silly me didn’t) 



In the end it still turned out to be great fun for us all!!!



Maybe just a little bit of advice from my end …………… Follow the actual recipe

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