Educational activities

My twins start their first year of school next year.. There going to be little Preppys.


I really cannot believe they turn 5 next month. It doesn’t seem that long ago when they couldn’t even walk and talk!! But now there big boys and of to school with their big brother who will start Grade 1 next year.. Their no longer my little boys, they are soon to become big brothers.


I love playing educational games with my boys, I love watching them trying to figure it all out in their little brains, I love encouraging them and watching their little faces light up when they feel they have accomplished something.

I found a few ideas on Pinterest to help give the twins a bit of a boost to start school of with.. We are still working on writing our names.

We are working on recognising the letters in our names at the moment and with a little more practice and guidance by the time school starts they will be little name writing masters.

Here a few educational games I have put together to make a fun learning experience.



Counting with our fingers

The aim is for the boys to fold down the fingers on each hand and work out the answer, so for example 3 + 3 = 6 this is a great idea to learn the very basics of how to count using our fingers.



Match the lower case letters with the upper case letters.

Each of the paper cups has the lower case letter written on the top and the boys then have to place on top of the correct upper case letters.. This is a great way to learn the letters of the alphabet and to be able to identify upper case letters and lower case letters.



Figuring out Shapes 

This is a great way for the boys to learn shapes and how many sides each shape has.. This helps recognise all the different shapes and then make them with the ice-cream sticks.




These types of games would be great for parents who choose to home school as well.

These ideas cost very little to make and are also very easy and quick to put together.There are so many great and amazing ideas for fun educational games for kids on the internet and I plan on sharing more on Juggling 4 as we grow..

Thanks for stopping by..



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