What to expect when your expecting.



This is an open letter to all the mothers that are expecting or mothers who have children and are currently giving their time and bodies to add to your growing family.

You are pregnant with your first. It’s an exciting overwhelming time and you cannot wait to meet the smaller version of yourself. The idea of waiting 9 months seems like forever. You spend the first 3 months trying to keep it a secret from the world, when all you want to do is scream it out “I’m going to be a mummy” but you bite your tongue when you feel the urge to.

Your first 3 months you feel like shit, some are lucky and feel fab. The things you once loved eating you cannot stand the thought of. You have up days where you feel like this glowing goddess…. The hair on your legs and huha are growing like 10x faster than before and you cant keep control of it. You have days where all you want to do is sleep and you wonder how you can even try to continue to partake in the activities that you love because you are physically exhausted and the thought of it is making you feel sick.

3 months has passed and you can finally share your news with the world. You think of an awesome way to share, you take photos and post a photo on Facebook announcing your exciting news.


#weareexpecting #uptheduff #icantwaittomeetyou #wearepregnant 

Before you know it along comes the second trimester, the best part of pregnancy. Your feeling incredible, you have all this energy, sleep is good and your bump is growing. You have your appetite back and food is your best friend. Everyone you see is complimenting you and giving you advice.

“Wow you look amazing” – “you must be having a girl, because boys make you look terrible”

“Are you going to find out the sex” – “You should because that way you can be prepared”

“How have you been feeling” – “I found that going for a walk helped”

“How much longer now” – “Yea just keep busy and time will fly”

You are the topic of conversation every time and of course you love talking about it to. This is your first child and it’s an exciting time. You have no idea what to expect so of course you want to ask all the questions and hear others stories.

We mentally want to prepare ourselves right??

You speak to other mums and ask them everything; they are the experts of course they have been there done that before. You spend your time hanging out with your mate Google and reading articles on everything to do with pregnancy. You download an app that tells you exactly what you body is going through each week and it compares the size of your little baby to a fruit or vegetable. Weird, but very interesting and entertaining.

It all sounds like a walk in the park, to easy? You think “I got this shit down packed”, it’s going to be easy as…

You take weekly photos and share your gorgeous growing bump to all your friends and family…


#21weeks #boyorgirl #icannotwaittomeetyou #loveyoualready

The last trimester has finally come around. Things are starting to feel similar to the first trimester, but now you have this basketball like gut that your carrying around with you. You are craving that need to be able to sleep on your stomach again. Everyday you eat like you have been stranded on deserted island for months. The 4 bits of toast you just had for breakfast just doesn’t satisfy you and your still hungry. Sleeping is impossible and you spend most of your time going to the toilet, even though hardly any wees come out and you don’t feel satisfied after going for a wee and you may as well just stay there because you know in 20 minutes you will be back there again. #FML

Even though its the last few weeks until you “Due date” it feels like a lifetime and you feel the need to start trying anything and everything to get things moving, you have had enough and you are sick of waiting.

So you hang with your mate Google again and he gives you some ideas on how to set the ball rolling.

Nipple stimulation

Lots of sex 

Bouncy car rides and Bouncing on exercise balls

Walking and lot of squats

Spicy foods

More sex 

Some go to the extreme and even try drinking castor oil. I have heard some horrific stories and there not pretty. (Were you one of them????)

You search birth videos and watch all these amazing women that you don’t even know go through the miracle of childbirth. Some weird reason you want to watch more and more.

Everyone you see cant help but feel the need to rub your belly and once again comment and give you there wise advice

“How much longer now” – ” have you been having lots of sex, make sure you both finish the deed or it wont work”

“You look over it” – “You poor thing make sure you take it easy”

“You look exhausted” – “yes I totally understand how hard sleep is I dont miss that”

“Wow you look incredible for 38 weeks” (don’t lie to me please)


The day is here!! Finally!! 9 months of waiting and the moment has come…


I’m sorry…… But pretty much I cant help it but say “BYE BYE LIFE”


I’m not going to go into the details of childbirth. I’m going to go straight to the fact that you have just been handed the hardest job in the world.


Your whole life is about to be turned upside down. Your relationship is about to be challenged daily. Your sex life is about to become a chore. You will no longer have baby brain, but mummy brain. You will constantly second guess yourself and feel like you are not doing the best you can be doing. You can forget about getting out of your pyjamas and your shower you liked to have daily will be every 2nd or 3rd day and it will be a luxury you will get now and then. Trying to go anywhere or eat anything will be a task that you will struggle with every day, but you will become good at it eventually.

Fast-forward 8 months (In my case) and your pregnant again… But this time with TWINS!

All in all things feel the same as the last pregnancy, but this time it goes faster. This time your busy with a toddler who keeps you on your toes and couldn’t give a shit that you’re pregnant with his two little brothers.


You will bump into randoms in the street and they will notice the little bump, congratulate you and say “how exciting a little brother or sister for this cute little man” and then you say “Yea lucky little guy is getting two”, there face expression changes “Aww you poor thing, I hope you will have a lot of help”

By then you just want to start slapping people. You couldn’t care less about what people say this time and their advice. You’re already a expert, you have done it once before. Yes I am lucky I have been given a blessing of TWINS and no one is going to tell me otherwise and how it’s done.

9 months has passed by and you’re now a multiple mummy. You have more than just one baby and toddler to keep alive and happy.

You have to live by a routine, you wont survive without one. Let me tell you that this is a fact.. Your relationship will be tested even more now and your sex life will become non-existent.

You will be 100% adamant that things are a lot harder for you than they are for your husband and you will have endless arguments about whose day was harder and whose more fucked.

Fast forward 4 years and you are pregnant with baby #4 – Thank god its only one!!!

You’re older and things have already been stretched and rearranged from past pregnancies. Things are a lot more sore than you remember them being last time and time will fly even faster because you now have 3 boisterous actually 4 boys (including husband) to run around after and they are full on..

People will once again spot your beautiful bump and ask.

“Is this your first” – to which you respond

“No this is my fourth”

I fucking love the reaction I get now… People are shocked… I even get asked

“Are you crazy”

Maybe I am, Maybe I’m not. But I couldn’t care less about what others think.

This time round you will most likely be feeling a lot more anxious and scared even though you have been through it twice already. It may be because you are older and as you get older things seem to scare you more than they did when you were younger or it may be because you know what to expect more now than you ever did before.

I know that I am more scared this time. I look back now and I can’t believe where the time has gone and how old my boys are now. Time flies and this will be our last little bub.

I feel kinda sad that this will be the last time. I did always know after the twins we were not done. That we would have one more. But this time this is it…

The journey is not over yet though, I look forward to the new challenges as time goes by and the reminders of having a newborn…

I love #mumlife I wouldn’t change a thing…


Love Chloe Ann



7 thoughts on “What to expect when your expecting.

  1. I think as first time parents, we rely on others and we often get intimadated by their responses. By the second time around, we’re more assertive and we could care less what they think. Good luck Mama.


  2. As someone who isn’t going to be a parent, I really really really appreciate your perspective, it helps me to be sensitive to my loved ones who are going through this 🙂


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