A bun in the oven.


They met young fell in Love and 12 years on they are still strong…

Chelsea and Sam meet in New Zealand, Blenheim when they were 15 years old.. In 12 years they have traveled the world together, got married in 2014 and just recently welcomed their first child into the world.

I asked Chelsea to share a memory with me on when they first got together..

Her response was..

“Sam had just got his license, so he decided to drive out to see me in a beat up car that had no registration and no back window”

Well done Sam, it obviously won her heart…..

I would like you to meet my beautiful sister Chelsea Jane as she shares her journey through pregnancy and birth of her first beautiful daughter “Hazel Jane”


Birth is Beautiful.

We found out we were pregnant on Christmas Day 2015. We were away on holiday and that morning after we opened each other’s presents I peed on the stick. Heart racing and a huge smile on my face because I already knew that I was pregnant, I could feel it, but that little stick was about to confirm it for us!

We met my family for lunch that day and decided to keep it to ourselves until after my first doctor’s appointment. The first thing my younger sister said to me when she saw me was “ I had a dream last night that you told us you were pregnant”, it took everything I had to not just blurt out our happy news and also I couldn’t believe she had dreamt that, what a psychic weirdo!

So all through that Christmas and New Years period I was filling up empty beer bottles with water, putting the caps back on and pretending to drink! The whole family had no idea and lets say that I was extremely hydrated for those couple of weeks! We had some of our good friends staying with us, so we had to tell them our news, and I think they loved being in on our little secret.

Fast forward 8 weeks and we were ready to tell the rest of the family! Because my family is a bunch of comedians we let them know with a picture of a bun in the oven and let them work it out on their own. It was quite funny.


So now everyone knows. We did the whole Big Facebook announcement on valentines day, cliché I know but 12 weeks just seemed to fall on valentines and why not announce our little love on a loving day!

My pregnancy went by without much of a hitch. I did have morning sickness for about 3 weeks, but thankfully was still able to continue on with most things (besides the cooking!) I was determined to continue my exercise throughout my whole pregnancy and felt that being active helped ease the morning sickness. So I continued on with my exercise as usual. I am certain it helped me through the pregnancy, balancing those crazy hormones that can come with it and allowing me to carry on working right up until the end as I had a very active job. It is something I would love to help other women with when they get to experience this amazing time in their lives. I think it is so important and there are so many benefits.

So fast forward another 6 months and I was 37 weeks pregnant, absolutely loving it and ready to finish up at work. I was nervous about finishing because that’s all I had done for the last 10 years of my life. I really enjoyed my job and I was really going to miss the guys I worked with, BUT the excitement of meeting my baby girl was so close! I spent those last few weeks going on long walks with my dog, learning how to tie dye, learning how to bake sourdough bread and binge watching Netflix while doing my workouts in front of the television! You don’t feel as bad spending most of your time in front of the telly when you’re exercising at the same time. Maybe that could be a business angle for me, hire out theaters and watch movies while working out I could call it Motion picture boot camp, get it… “Motion”.

Anyway.. My due date came, and I had spent the last 3 weeks thinking she was going to come any day now and getting a little bit over it. I had a midwife appointment that day and they told me she was in a great position for birth but that my measurements had gone backwards. So I was booked in for fetal monitoring and amniotic fluid scans. The heart rate scans came back normal but the amniotic fluid scan came back on the lower end and they started talking about being induced the next week if she hadn’t arrived by then. WELL I wasn’t having a bar of that. So we went home that night and tried everything under the sun that all the old wives tales tell you to do and what do you know that next morning at 7am I awoke with contractions!

Its 7am and I woke up with some mild period pain like cramping. I didn’t jump to conclusions as I was having Braxton hicks in the weeks leading up to my due date so I left it for about an hour. Within that hour I noticed they were quite regular but still very mild, so I still didn’t think I was in labor. I had read so many birth stories about other women jumping the gun and thinking they were in labor for it to only stop and then it wouldn’t happen again for a few days, so I carried on like I usually would. I let hubby know that I was having regular contractions but not to come home from work yet, as I thought it was still going to be hours and hours until anything real actually happened. He decided he would come home anyway, I think he was just too excited! After I got off the phone to him I decided to start timing them as now they were starting to get a bit stronger but still bearable. They were 5 minutes apart at this point and the contraction calculator app I had downloaded kept telling me to go to the hospital, but stubborn old me was like “naaaaa we don’t need to go yet!”

Hubby got home, Mum came around and we sat outside in the sunshine and we had coffee and chatted while Hubby potted around in the garden. My sister popped around with my nephews and had a laugh at a couple of my strong contractions. We were still outside at this point, keeping nice and relaxed. Mum kept asking me if I had my bag packed and I kept saying “oh we still have heaps of time mum – don’t worry”.

It was about 10am at this point and I decided I better go have a shower and start getting ready. BANG as soon as I got in the shower everything revved up a couple of gears, we went from 2nd gear to 4th gear in a matter of minutes. Contractions were now 2-3 minutes apart and lasting about 45 seconds. BUT still, I was being stubborn and didn’t want to go to the hospital yet, even though hubby was starting to get worried that I was going to have the baby on the floor in our bedroom.

Finally at about 11.15 I decided we should probably get going. It took us a good 30-40 minutes to get me out the door as the contractions were coming on so quickly now and very intense (I was going through transition, which I worked out later) I kept dropping to the floor/couch/car bonnet whatever I could hold on to while I got through that contraction. All of this with my eyes closed, because it was the only way I could focus on my breathing. My brother even turned up at this point and was intent on talking to me about how his job interview went that day ( he was trying to take my mind off it, I had no idea what he was saying and asked him later that afternoon how his job interview went).

We got into the car. I couldn’t get comfortable at all. I had one hand on hubbys shoulder and was squeezing mums hand with the other, my face was on the middle compartment. We drove in complete silence, all I wanted to do was focus on my breathing and not having the baby in the car as I could feel lot of pressure going on down there!

Hubby dropped Mum and I off at the front entrance of the hospital and this is when it got a bit movie like.

I got as far as a bench seat about 10 steps away from the car before I had to get down on my knees, people everywhere were watching the lady in the labor!

Mum kept telling me very patiently “we just need to get in the door of the hospital”. Contractions were under a minute apart at this stage. So as soon as one ended I jumped up, eyes closed and we walked as fast as we could to the lobby area of the hospital where I collapsed again on my knees, not saying anything, just breathing. I pretty much lost my voice at this point and didn’t want anyone to talk to me. Once again people were everywhere and I must have been some great entertainment!

Luckily there was a midwife in the lobby that helped me get up so we could go upstairs to the birthing suite. Hubby was still parking the car.

We got up to the room where you go when you’re in labor. The midwife told me to go to the toilet and strip down so she could check to see how dilated I was. That was when I noticed the “show” and jeepers, I now know why it’s called a show!

I managed to find my way to the hospital bed where the midwife was able to check my cervix. It was about 12.30pm at this point. I was terrified that she was about to tell me I was only 3 or 4 centimeters dilated and that I would still have hours more to go of this. She announced I was 8-9cm and that I was going to be having a baby very soon, at the same moment my Dad walked in, I looked up at him and told him not to talk to me (told him with my eyes ) and almost simultaneously my water broke! Pop! Dad took that at his cue to leave the room.

I was put in a wheelchair (not what I wanted but they had to get me into the birthing room fast, and at my rate that was not going to happen as quickly as they wanted!) So I was told to get on the wheelchair and we raced down the hallway. Hubby was right next to me trying to cover me up, as at this stage I had no pants on at all and we were walking past all the rooms where I had all my previous midwife appointments and all the expecting parents! I couldn’t have cared less that they got to see my lady bits; they were all going to have to do it in the near future!

We got into the birthing room about 12.40pm. I got onto the bed, arms draped over the top in a squat position. The midwives told me that soon I would feel like I needed to do a big poo and when that happened to start pushing! As soon as I felt that pressure I just went for it, roaring the place down like a primal women.

I felt so powerful and had vibrations radiating up and down my body. Don’t get me wrong, it hurt like F**K but those natural instincts just take over and nothing else matters anymore except getting that baby out.

I had read stories that once you feel the “ring of fire” then it means your are very close to the end, so I just kept my mind focused on that. Breathing, roaring, grunting… making as much noise as I possibly could because it felt good to make noise and I had no control over it. I can say I did not swear once though!

The midwives flipped me over to get me on my back so they could hear baby’s heart rate better, and with that flip came her head and the ring of fire. I knew we were nearly there and that just gave me the encouragement to stay focused.

With a couple more contractions and holding on to hubby as tight as I could I breathed my baby out.

Instant relief and the most intense flood of emotions hit me as our baby was placed on my chest and she let out her first little cry.


It was 1.01pm. 20 minutes in the birthing room and we had our beautiful girl. It is the strangest feeling, holding your baby for the first time. Knowing that she was with you the whole time, yet it took that long to be able to meet her!

Covered in vernix, blood and poo but she was beautiful and everything that I had just been through in the last 4 hours completely disappeared. I stared at my husband in disbelief that she was now here.


Hazel breastfed straight away and we lay there for almost three hours, skin to skin, staring at each other.

I feel so lucky to have had a positive birthing experience, as I know there can be a lot of complications. I did go into it with an open mind and no expectations. I am no expert but I think a very important aspect of labor is to stay calm and open. Let your body do what it needs to do and don’t fight it.

Birth is beautiful, no matter which way you go about getting your baby earth side.

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