Tough Love

I wont be winning the Mother of the year award this year..

But do you know what I really couldn’t give a crap….. Because my boys are not going to suffer from a bit of tough love and mummies forgetful brain..

Its a part of life. Life can sometimes be unfair and nasty at times and they need to learn that life is it not all lollies and Minecraft!!

Even though they act like spoilt little brats daily and I have even had my oldest son say to me “you have ruined my life”, “you are the worst mum” I really could care less that they think I`m the worst person in the world right now…. Screw them….

Ever since I fell pregnant I will admit I have completely lost my mind.. Literally I have lost the plot. But fuck seriously I`m not fucking super mum even though It would appear as though I have it permanently marked on my forehead #SUPERMUMpfffftttt please.. I am forgetful, I make all these promises and then I forget I have made them. I have spent more time yelling than trying to explain to the kids why this happened or that happened? Its a daily battle and I am over it…

I am so sick and tired of feeling like no one in this house hold cares and sees how much I really do for them all, even on the shitty days I am still trying my hardest.. Im sick of the demands and the little appreciation… Maybe I should just go on a#Mummystrike and watch the little and big fuckers fend for themselves…

I get daily,

“Your a liar Mum”
“Your mean Mum”
“You promised Mum”
“I don`t like you anymore”
“I don`t want that for dinner, I want this instead”
“You were suppose to do this mum, why didn’t you”
“You get it for me, I cant”
“Your a butthead”

The list still goes on….

I even get;

“Why do I have to do everything” – Your fucking kidding me arnt you kid???

Amongst the angry growls I get to…. AAAaaaaRrRRrRRRRRRrrrrr

I have decided its time to change my tactics. I am now going to treat my boys like they are mini grown ups.. I need to remind myself that my boys are at an age now where they can understand, accept responsibility and be mature.. They are not babies anymore..

Ok yes the twins are 5 and Bayley is 6.5, but we are about to welcome a new little baby into this family and its time they learned a bit of tough love. Because mummy is soon to be even more busier and possibly more forgetful and my ignite button will be even more easily accessible…

And Beautiful boys of mine I will just tell you now you don`t want to accidentally hit that one button….

Watch out this mummy is not going to be messing around with foul mouth, unappreciative little boys anymore!!!

I am the #BOSS of this house….

Share if you agree and you are fighting the same battle….


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