About Me


11136628_10152834647091517_6584920083756173725_nJuggling 4 was created by Chloe Watt in August 2016

Chloe is a mum of 3 boys and 1 little girl. She writes about motherhood, relationships and her daily struggles in an honest open way and has found others can relate to her.

Within a few months of starting her relationship with partner Ben. Chloe fell pregnant with their first Son “Bayley” who was born in 2010. closely followed by their twin boys “Fynn” and “Archer” then 5 years later they welcomed a little girl “Tui”

In the 8 years they have been together it has been up down and down. Separation,counselling, renewing their bond. Chloe openly blogs about the struggles in their relationship.

As you can Imagine life with 3 lads and a little lady is challenging even at the best of times. Chloe does not hold back and honestly shares her daily struggles as a mum of 4 .

Chloe`s aim with her blog is to turn it into her career. She is excited to build an audience and see where this journey takes her.

Chloe also runs another page with 3 friends from her mothers group Thermo Mummy Bakes  

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